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EB Games (formerly known as Electronics Boutique and EB World) is an American computer and video games retailer. First established as an American company in 1977 by James Kim with a single electronics-focused location in the King of Prussia mall near Philadelphia, the company has grown into an international corporation. EB Games's parent corporation, GameStop, has its headquarters in Grapevine, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. When Electronics Boutique was an independent company, its headquarters was in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania, near West Chester.

A piece written by Sima Shakeria for HUFFPOST last Marchg 2020, about customers formed long lineups for two new video game releases of EB Games and EB Games/GameStop claiming It's An ‘Essential Service’ During Coronavirus Pandemic

Popular video game retailer EB Games came under fire this week for keeping stores open despite Canadian officials asking all “non-essential” businesses to close to minimize the spread of COVID-19. EB Games was still open Friday as people gathered in long lines to get their hands on two popular new video games releases — “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and “Doom Eternal.” EB Games defended its decision to stay open for the video game releases, and posted a lengthy statement on social media, saying it was “working diligently” to keep stores safe for employees and customers. U.S.-based GameStop owns EB Games in Canada. An alleged memo to staff, posted on Reddit, claimed the video game retailer should be considered “essential retail” due to their products “that enable and enhance our customers’ experience in working from home.” HuffPost Canada could not verify the document’s legitimacy, but five employees reportedly showed their copies of the memo to Vice. If local authorities try to force a location to close, the memo also directs staff to tell law enforcement to call corporate headquarters. EB Games defended its decision to stay open for the video game releases, and posted a lengthy statement on social media, saying it was “working diligently” to keep stores safe for employees and customers. An employee, who asked for anonymity, also told the Toronto Star that they were told by management to purchase the disinfecting products and would be reimbursed later. GameStop employees in the U.S. were told to do the same, according to Vice. GameStop/EB Games has over 6,100 stores in Canada, the U.S. and 17 other countries. Some clients on social media said they tried to switch their physical pre-orders of the game to digital downloads over the phone to avoid visiting the stores — but the company’s policy requires customers make the switch in person. The Ontario Provincial Police and Toronto police both announced that they would begin to fine people and corporations that violated the province’s emergency measures.


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Former Employee - Manager says

"don't work for this company. Blatantly told to rip people off and or scam them in trades."

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"Everything else. This company is so poorly run it's embarassing. Abismal HR department"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay Management treat everyone like there stupid No hope for advancement Zero job security"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Head office. Don’t work here if you want lots of hours, because they only hire part-time and you’ll never get benefits. Only ASM and Managers get benefits since they’re guaranteed 40 hours a week. You won’t even be guaranteed a 35 hour week during the holidays since your store will probably hire too many people (leaving no hours for anyone). The employee discount is a scant 15%, and when you purchase things they can’t give you the same purchasing benefits of a customer (so if you feel like you’ve been screwed by them, you’re out of luck). The head office of EB Games only wants the bottom line while they make money off of an associates hard work. There are some sales peers who will be lazy, but still get more hours. If you’re someone who works hard, do not work at EB games. They want people with no lives and who are expendable."

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"the company has no plan for the future, not much room for advancement, no respect from head office, head office is disconnected from the day to day in the store"

Former Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"Treats employees poorly. VERY aggressive focus on metrics and high-margin sales, to the point of writing up employees for not using suggested misinformation tactics to encourage purchases."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Expected to works at moments notice Bad management Murky sales tactics"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor upper management and a company that cares more about business than about their employees. EB likes to take advantage of their employees and use them."

Current Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"The sales goals are extremely unreasonable. 3X higher sales goals in a failing market. With minimum wage increases assistant managers make as much as a fresh employee because EB Games refuses to pay more. No benefits for employees. A 15% employee discount that excludes practically everything."


"Out of touch head-office, no product training, hours frequently cut"

keyholder to assistant manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked as management for a year. Constant toxic environments, competitive managers ,constant gossip. Excessive work loads. They expect you to constantly do well with numbers while informing you there is no benefit for doing so, other then working more for them. Recently they laid me off without a blink of an eye, after 2 years in the company they decided I wasn't useful anymore.Some health benefitsEverything mentioned above"

ORDER PICKER (Former Employee) says

"They can kick u out anytime , doesn’t matter you doing hard work there . No value of ur work . They only listen there permanent worker . Not fair with agency worker"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Eb Games expects you to give your life to them, with nothing in return. Managers at Eb are the absolute lowest paid in the industry. DM’s are instructed to give poor reviews regardless of performance so they don’t have to give pay increases. This company is a nightmare as an employer. The vendors make the job tolerable. They reward the stores with an annual all expenses paid conference for all Store Managers. Eb Games does not pay for this or even contribute financially. But they have no problem taking credit for it. I didn’t realize how toxic a work environment I was in until I left the company. It was then I realized how the rest of the industry treats and pays their employees."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Working with a District manager who had no proper direction at all and wouldn’t help staff when needed in specific situations. Seemed to only talk about her trips and places she ate and shopping then the concern of the staff safety would never go back to a company like that again"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was an assistant manager for a period of time for EB. I would never recommend that anyone work for this company. Working for EB it was expected that all tasks were completed on a week to week basis, customers were served and happy and that targets and kpi's were met. This is totally normal, however the payroll given to us wasn't sufficient enough to balance all these operations. I was made to work 60 hour weeks on multiple occasions and then drilled about it later on. My average week was 45 hours and only paid for 38. This company is a joke. I was told to take my annual leave and then when I applied it was declined. They told me that 1 week off would have a bad impact on their budgets and that I would have to wait till next January till I could have some time off. Upper management have their heads up their arses, and set unrealistic expectations on staff.NothingEverything DON'T WORK THERE!"

ASSISTANT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"To be honest, when I first began working at EB Games I absolutely loved it. We had a great team, Xbox One, and PS4 we're just about to be released, and I was also 20 years old and ignorant that point. It was a decent part time job if you're in school and you're looking for PART TIME HOURS ONLY. Other than that the upper management of the company is poorly run, they're greedy, and overwork their permanent staff at the head office. I have experienced all aspects of this company from working as a part time sales associate to working in their head office as a customer service representative. They would have you work 39 hours a week and not an hour more or they would have to give you a raise and give benefits so they can save money and believe me, they are not hurting for money. I do not recommend working here unless you are looking for bare minimum part time for pocket cash.Can be fun IF you have work with good peopleLow pay - employee discount isn't good"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Tthe upper management is full of themselves and don't follow their own Ethos, Doesn't matter how hard you work, how many awards you win, whether you turn the store into a profitable one, or even if you and your store are in the top percentage of their KPI's, if they don't like you they find a way to get rid of you, even if you have been there for a long time. They only support the staff they want to see go further with the company. Despite promoting a bullying and harassment-free environment and the setting up of an integrity line once you make a complaint then they wait for a period of time and start all over again and eventually you either quit or if your stubborn enough they find a reason to fire you even if they make it up or set you up. For the hours expected to work their salaries are low, the work-life balance is alright, there isn't any Job security or advancement unless they like you and want you to progress further, Upper management and some store Manages are not what they make out they are and the Job culture is a bullying and harassment one that is encouraged on the quiet and they are extremely discriminatory. despite the benefits and the awards won as a store manager working for EB in WA was a waste of my time.noneeverything"

SENIOR SALES ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"I thought that this job would be great, I would get to talk to coworkers and customers all day about video games and the culture. But instead their corporate policies make you act like more of a robot than a person. They make you upsell useless promotions, and talk up games that arent good in anyway just so the company can better or at least maintain their relationship with the developers. EB cares more about their standing with major game devs. then they do about their employees. its a shame because it could have been a great place to work.Easy?Boring, not challenging, no benefits to being an employee, terrible pay."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"EB Games Warwick for me was not a great experience it wasn't the customers it was more the boss i had i was contracted for three months first two week was good 2 days a week and decent pay like i was supposed to be on then after those two weeks thing started to go downhill from there i went from almost $200 a fought night to $90 a fortnight or less and one shift a week this continued for another 5 weeks my boss would always be getting up me for supposedly me not doing more job when i was i would even do my best to go the extra mile to get more work done if i could i finally quit after working there for nine weeks because my pay was getting cut to the point i was only able to cover my fuel expenses even then i was still struggling to cover for fuel.discounts on top of other discounts and everything else as wellnot enough hours and was always blamed for supposable not doing my job when i was"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is not a company that cares about its employees. you will not be taken care of and your expected to work like a slave for little to no benefits they are not flexible at all and they think that because your being paid you should be able to bend over backwards for them.surrounded by gamesyour not valued as an employee"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"The store manager doesn't know how to effectively schedule people. He also constantly changes the schedule without warning. There is an ongoing problem of the store manager sitting on his phone while hiding in the back room. The store is unorganized and there is no way to properly stop theft.Small discount on few itemsLow employee moral, constant belittling about sales numbers"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"company will toss you out to save itself. i was terminated because i verbally defended myself against 3 people who were threatening me physical harm. inconsistent scheduling. no sleep schedule. unfair favoritism. company only treats minorities or LGBT+ individuals with respect and unfair bias help.poor management, worthless pay, to many goals to hitunreasonable goals, inconsistent schedules."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you are a gamer you will enjoy working there. Ridiculous expectations for store goals. Some customers can be quite sexist. Relaxed and laid back place to work."

Senior sales / Key holder (Former Employee) says

"Corrupt company that will cut your throat and throw you out the door because you are easily replaceable. Not a lot of chance to progress through the corporate ladder.nothingeverything"

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"a tough place to work that will forget the targets you made yesterday and scold you for not making them today. no matter your accomplishments, if you disagree with them they will make you paydiscount on games is nicenothing is worth what they put you through"

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"EB Games has been one of the worst job experiences I've ever experienced. Things seemed fine going in but I soon came to the realization that this is a company that doesn't care about their customers and even less about their employees. The only offer part time positions other than that of their managerial staff. They don't offer benefits, paid time off, or any incentive programs. All part timers fight for hours, and then work minimum wage for the few they get. The company would rather hire through a government employee incentive than hire someone who is actually qualified for the job. Most managers are hired from outside of the company rather than promoted from within despite some apparent "success stories" I have yet to see anyone move up past store manager. Distract managers never seem to understand what happens at store level. This company also doesn't care about their customers, they would rather I recommend a game I know is sitting at a rating of 10% than one that is a few dollars cheaper with a 90%. They would rather I sell our really bad in-store brand for $18 than a good first party item for $20 They don't often gives raises, and when they do, enjoy that extra 10¢ until it gets overridden by a minimum wage increase. Managers salaries are capped creating a large turnover rate as they would rather leave for better pay."

TEAM LEADER (Former Employee) says

"Not fun at all. the management is really poor and the job isnt worth it compared to the things you have to do to move up in the company."

Assistant Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not a place I would ever suggest someone stay longer than the three month probationary period, this should be a place you work if you are in dire need of a job, and have no other options left to you. The motto I was told on day one was, cover your own back, because no one else in this company will, and sadly it is true. The co workers are fine, wonderful people, mostly younger kids who are working through school, or in a transitionary period looking for what they'd like to do later in life. The management, on the other hand, has highly unrealistic goals of it's workers and its staff, with no compensation or real payout for the work they put in, but if it's not done, the long line of ensuing threats will motivate most into doing so. The hardest part is staying motivated, to want to help the store succeed; after being treated the way you do, with no one to really help or guide you, there's not a whole lot you want to do to help the store, or company. Next to minimum wage with no raises or bonuses or concrete goals in sight, doesn't help to motivate much either. The only saving grace about this place, is the sales associates, they are wonderful people selling things they love, and are usually happy about it, until payday, when they see all the hard work and effort they put in, the times they came in to cover for someone, or just for extra coverage, the fights with customers they deal with, and the disrespect from their management they receive, boil down to minimum wages. It's crushing. The management knows and openly reminds its staff of the mountain of resumes in theSigh of relief when you leave.pay, balance, stability, no teamwork, no respect, cutthroat, dramatic"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Manager and regional manager horribly rude. Did not train associates well enough to deal with customers or even ring up sales.discount at storebad management, terrible training"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"You do, note-worthy good deeds and get fired. Then they talk dirt about you after your gone. Childish district management, minimal reward for maximum effort and efficiency. The in house insurance is a total cash grab.Not taking the job, would have been a proTaking the job!"

Born Blazed says

"Old Games at gamestop and ebgames are a rip off. Check out thrift shops for super cheap games in electronics isle."

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